Writers Workshop: Writer ResourcesAmerican Emotional Association (APA): In-Text Citation

Writers Workshop: Writer Resources&American Emotional Association (APA): In-Text Citation

Fundamental Structure

The format that is basic APA in-text citation is really as follows:

(Author’s last title, 12 months of book)

  • e.g., One study that is recent a hereditary url to alcoholism (Jones, 1997).

Then only the year is required if the authors last name appears in the citation:

  • e.g., Jones (1997) finds a link that is genetic alcoholism.

Several Writers

whenever an ongoing work has just two writers, utilize both of the names each and every time their tasks are cited, accompanied by an ampersand (&) if in parentheses, or because of the term “and” if in text:

  • In parentheses: (Cortez & Jones, 1997)
  • In text: Cortez and Jones (1997)

For three, four, or five writers, relate to all writers within the very first citation, then utilize the very very first writers final name accompanied by the abbreviation “et al.” ( maybe maybe maybe not italicized sufficient reason for a period after “al”) in every subsequent citations:

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